An Analysis of Enterprise Resource Planning System Usage to Improve Business Process Performance

  • Sobia Saeed Department of Software Engineering, ILMA University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Qasim Nizamani Department of Media & Communication Studies, Uinversity of Sindh, Jamsoro, Pakistan
  • Farheen Qasim Nizamani Department of Media & Communication Studies, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Ali Nizamani Department of Information Technology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan
  • Pardep Kumar Department of Software Engineering, QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Memon 5Institute of Business Administration, Uinversity of Sindh, Jamsoro, Pakistan
Keywords: ERP system, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management System, Technology Change Management


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an information system which integrates business functions and processes. ERP systems are widely used in different commercial organizations and industries. For a number of reasons, ERP can be the cause of success in an organization and help improve individual’s performance in an organization by supporting better decision making. It is especially useful in helping an organization improve its productivity, reduce its operational cost and improve quality by efficient use of resources and effective communication. ERP implementation strategy greatly influences an industry‘s business process performance and can help lower organizational resistance to it. It also plays a vital role for business process performance because there is a passionate reaction to ERP that is a characteristic response to change connected with new innovation in an organization. This work is conducted to evaluate the ERP implementation and its influence on enterprise infrastructure, especially how the business performance is improved. The method used in this study is survey based, using interviews from more than 100 experts from different organizations in Karachi, Pakistan. The results show significant role of ERP system in raising business process performance of the organizations. Overall, ERP system impacts heavily an industry in terms of business process performance and also helps improve individual performance, considering how organizational resistance is managed using various strategies and communicating well.

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Saeed, S., Nizamani, M. Q., Nizamani, F. Q., Nizamani, M. A., Kumar, P., & Memon, M. (2021). An Analysis of Enterprise Resource Planning System Usage to Improve Business Process Performance. Quaid-E-Awam University Research Journal of Engineering, Science & Technology, Nawabshah., 19(1), 65-69.