Strength Development of Concrete by Using Eggshell Powder as Partial Replacement of Cement

  • Ahsan Ali Langhah Department of Civil Engineering, QUEST, Nawabsah
  • Abdullah Saand Department of Civil Engineering, QUEST, Nawabsah
Keywords: Eggshell Powder, Workability, Slump Test, Density, Compressive Strength


Requirement of cement is increasing constantly but its manufacturing process results in the release of CO2. To reduce the carbon dioxide content in structural concrete, ordinary Portland cement (OPC) can be replaced partially with Eggshell powder (ESP). It is believed that the use of eggshell powder not only increases the strength of concrete, but also its durability to some extent. Eggshell is a wasteful material developed from poultry industry, but these shells are rich in lime. On the other hand, the use of eggshell powder facilitates the disposal of poultry waste which otherwise causes pollution and other environmental hazardous effects. This paper is focused on evolving a better understanding on concrete strength development by utilizing eggshell powder partially as alterna-tive of cement. The concrete made with a proportion ratio of 1:2:4 with 0.5 w/c ratio. Total 84 cube specimens of standard size were casted and checked at age of 1-, 3-, 7- and 28-days curing. The efficiency of eggshell powder was investigated in terms of concrete workability (slump value) and compressive strength (cube crushing strength). Densities of concrete specimens were also investigated at above curing ages before testing. The results were compared to those of concrete without eggshell powder. The findings show that with the increase in eggshell powder in concrete, the concrete workability decreases as opposed to the usual concrete mix. Reduction in unit weight (density) is observed while ESP concrete’s compressive strength increases sufficiently with the introduction of eggshell powder content up to a certain level of dosage.

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